Nashua Refurbishes Jairos Jiri Children’s Centre Dorm, Calls For Partnerships


Nashua Zimbabwe recently dispatched a maintenance team to Jairos Jiri Children’s Centre to carry out essential repairs in the dormitory. The repairs included installing a new door, fixing windows, and providing new blankets and pillows. These efforts aimed to ensure that the 142 disabled children residing at the centre have comfortable and pleasant living environments. The centre’s dedicated staff of 90 members cater to the diverse special needs of these children, offering varying levels of assistance in different aspects of their lives.

The refurbishment of the dormitory was made possible through the generous contributions of Nashua Zimbabwe, an organization committed to lending support whenever possible. The renovations were done in July 2023.
In addition to their donations of food and supplies, Nashua Zimbabwe also provided the Jairos Jiri Centre administration with a printer. Nashua Zimbabwe covers the printer’s ongoing supply needs, recognizing the importance of easy access to printing for the administrative team in fulfilling their document requirements.

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Since 2006, Nashua Zimbabwe has been actively donating to Jairos Jiri, having become an integral part of the Jairos Jiri family over the past 17 years. Monthly, Nashua provides essential groceries to the children and occasionally hosts musical events. Furthermore, Nashua has sponsored a dormitory, accommodating ten of the 140 children at Jairos Jiri, which has been named the Nashua Dorm.

While the impact of Nashua Zimbabwe’s donations is significant, it is unfortunately not enough to sustain the entire centre. The school administration provides Nashua with a monthly list of basic needs, and Nashua contributes as much as they can. They encourage other corporations and individuals to support the cause by donating in any capacity. Nashua extends a plea to other organizations within the ICT sector in the country to contribute and assist disadvantaged communities. Together, they can make a positive difference in the lives of these exceptional children. Speaking to Pindula News following the completion of the dormitory refurbishment, Laura Kelly, the Marketing Manager of Nashua Zimbabwe, expressed the company’s motivations for getting involved with Jairos Jiri. She said:

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Following the Chairman’s footprints, Nashua Zimbabwe wanted to get involved in an organisation which is positively impacting children’s lives. In 2006 we decided to partner with Jarios Jiri, once we understood their level of dedication to the children and the difficulties these children were facing.
Throughout the years we have sponsored monthly groceries, been given a girls’ dormitory to look after and maintain and also hosted the occasional event for the children. We all know the current situation in Zimbabwe so not much needs to be mentioned there but what does need to be mentioned is they need other organisations to get involved with this remarkable centre and start contributing too. The monthly donations of groceries are changing the lives of children who find themselves, not only in financial constraints but physical ones too and if a difference can be made for them to feel cared about then it must be done.

The Jairos Jiri Children’s Centre plays a vital role in Zimbabwe, offering education, rehabilitation, and essential social support to underprivileged children with disabilities. With a track record of educating over 10,000 children with disabilities and assisting hundreds in finding employment, the centre has become a beacon of hope. Its provision of critical social support to thousands of children and their families has garnered recognition from the United Nations, highlighting the centre’s selfless and significant contributions.
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