Corporate Social Responsibility

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”
– Winston Churchill

Companies do not exist in a vacuum. They are entrenched in their communities and are products of those communities. Accordingly, at Nashua we believe that without a healthy community in which to operate, to draw talent and inspiration from, there is no place to thrive or grow. Communities, like plants and people, need nurturing and help if they are to reach their full potential.

Communities are as healthy and as happy as their constituents and so we make it a point to firstly ensure that the internal Nashua community is healthy, happy and in a position from which they can grow. Our in-house training from a technical standpoint is second to none, and by starting with well-trained technicians who understand the company’s goals, we are able to ensure that our customers are happy to pay their bills. This allows us to ensure that all staff have access to constantly upskill themselves, ensuring fresh growth.

From there we are able to look to the wider community. Whilst there are several areas within our country that could do with a lick of paint, we felt that education, above all, was the most worthwhile endeavour to support, and to this end we continue a monthly tradition of donating at least one device to a school in need within Zimbabwe. Once donated, we assist with keeping the device operational with consumables, supplies and service. If you know of a worthy school that would benefit from this drive, please get in touch with any member of staff.

To date the donation drive has seen over 50 devices placed throughout the country, and there are no plans to stop.